Rise + Roast Best Practices Guide

Sofia Lucero
4 min readFeb 22, 2021

Hi there, and welcome to Rise +Roast!

Here’s a little about us: Rise + Roast is New Mexico brewed, committed to quality, + values your time. You can expect fresh donuts + top-shelf coffee, served quickly with a smile.

We are a fairly new business, opening our first location in early 2019. With that being said, we have a commitment to excellence. We want to provide the best service for our customers, and the best products as well.

The customer experience extends beyond face-to-face in-store and drive-thru experiences. That is why we run our social media to the highest standard possible. Below you will find best practices when posting on the Rise + Roast Instagram.

First and foremost, having QUALITY PHOTOS is the most crucial aspect of running this Instagram page.

Here is an example of a photo of high quality that received good feedback.

As you can see here, This is a simple photo, just one donut pictured, but we received great feedback.

Here is the pixel count that you should stick to in order to maintain the integrity of the photo: 1080 pixel width and 1350 pixels tall.

Now that we know that quality is of the utmost importance, we can discuss what the pictures should consist of. Our products, of course!

We encourage at least one of our products to be included in each photo. The more, the better, in our opinion. If there is only one product pictured, try to make it as aesthetic as possible. Whether that is spreading similar toppings around the donut or a shot of the milk being poured into the coffee, we are all for creative freedom; please remember to be creative without a detriment to the quality of the post.

When it comes to each post's caption, we encourage you to name the product featured and a fun fact of it as well. Here is an example of the caption for our cherry donut that is now added to our permanent menu:

As you can see, the caption is not cut-and-dry. It has personality, but it is not unprofessional. It is important to keep that in mind when creating your caption. We want to be friendly, but not to the point of us looking anything less than professional.

We recommend reading the caption at least three times to ensure it meets the proper tone and is grammatically correct. There is a great app called Grammarly that you can download to ensure that your spelling and punctuation are correct.

It is also a requirement to include 3–5 hashtags in each post. The photo above is a great example of this. They are descriptive hashtags of what you are posting and are short and sweet as well. We require you to check the hashtag before you post to ensure that you are not tagging a trend that does not align with our business values.

We want to interact with our customers and make sure they know what we are here for them. An important aspect of this is replying to their comments and reposting their content.

We encourage you to repost on our story the posts of our customers, as long as the attribution to the customer is apparent. Sending them a personal message as well is a good way to thank them for their purchase.

Try to respond to DM’s within 5 hours of receiving them. If there is an unhappy customer in the comments, try to resolve the issue with a return comment. If they are still unhappy, take the conversation off the page and send a DM, or have the customer send one to us.

Below you will find an example of us interacting with our customers.

Now, this response is almost perfect. Our app was mentioned, which we want to do every chance we get. The only way that this caption can improve is by including our phone number and let the potential customer know that they can also call in for this order. The easier we make it for our customers to order, the better return we will receive.

One thing to always keep in mind when creating a post is our brand colors and our logo. Below you will find our color template.

As you can see, we have three primary brand colors. We encourage that you keep this in mind when choosing backgrounds or graphic ideas. The goal is to have a genuine page full of our products. Graphics can be created, but try to include some products in the background of these as well.

With these tools, were are confident that you will be successful at running the Rise + Roast Instagram account. Remember, when in doubt, cut it out, don’t post!



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