Redbubble — Express Yourself Through Art

Sofia Lucero
3 min readMar 22, 2021

When you think of an online store that allows you to sell your art, what do you think of? Is it Etsy, or maybe eBay?

While those online markets may be reliable options, there is a site called Redbubble that has been changing the internet art game since 2006. Redbubble allows independent artists to profit from their crafts, whether that is printing them on t-shirts, mugs, stickers, or posters. What’s so great about Redbubble? It takes care of the hassles of producing your content for you. The business works on a demand basis, and the order is sent to a third-party company for production that way, users can focus on what brought them to the site in the first place — creating art. (

So, how do you determine a target market for a business like this? You don’t have to be an art connoisseur to buy something on Redbubble, and you don’t have to be Vincent van Gogh to sell your art. The target for Redbubble is individuals of all genders, ages 16–60, and trendy and original. The target age is so large because art has no age limit, but it is likely that if you are outside of this age range, you won't be buying anything without the help of someone else.

The best way to target this market is to show them all of the different ways they can express themselves. Whether that be by creating a t-shirt design or buying 15 stickers for your water bottle, people who are shopping at Redbubble don’t want the general “Live, Laugh, Love” quote on their walls, bodies, or belongings anymore. They want something that represents who they are as an individual.

Redbubble’s unique selling point is that it is accessible for both artists and consumers alike. Maybe you don’t have a t-shirt press or the means to make a customizable mug. By selling your art on Redbubble, that is no longer a worry because Redbubble worries about that for you. With less time worrying about order fulfillment, users have more time to focus on their art. Since there is more art being produced, more users will purchase from the site since there is more original work. It comes full cycle for the business.

In a world where we have such easy access to information and goods, it is so important to have a unique selling point (USP). A USP allows businesses to differentiate themselves in an already saturated market. There are so many different places where people can express themselves, so understanding WHY you are doing what you are doing instead of WHAT you are doing allows for more people to relate to your business. (Growth Business)

Simon Sinek talks about this in his TED Talk titled ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action.’ The TED Talk can be found HERE. Sinek talks about how brands like Apple are so successful. They have the same access to resources as other computer brands such as Dell, but you would buy a cell phone from Apple without batting an eye. If Dell were selling the cell phone, you would really question why you would ever buy a cell phone from Dell. This is because Apple doesn’t sell you its ‘what,’ it sells you its ‘why.’ Apple wants to connect you with the world and have the best quality of products so YOU can be successful, not so the business can be successful.

As you can see, advocating for the consumers and contributors of your brand is so important. It can make or break certain businesses. Redbubble can use it's ‘why’ as its USP in order to see continued success in the future.



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