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Sofia Lucero
3 min readApr 17, 2021
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At Rise + Roast, we spend countless hours to ensure we are providing the best quality of products. Therefore we expect the highest quality of service from our employees. It is important to talk about the code of conduct that we expect our employees to abide by.

First and Foremost

We understand that you are human and that you are your own person. We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin and show the world who you are. With that being said, we encourage you to audit yourself every now and then, including your social media sites. Check-in, see if your likes are still the same, and see if you are representing who you want to be on social media properly. Since you are a member of Rise + Roast, we ask that you do not wear any company clothing in your personal photos (don’t worry, we love our uniforms but not that much 😉). If you are looking for some guidance on how to run your own social media, here is a great article to check out (CLICK HERE).

With that being said, if you are tasked with posting on social media on behalf of social media, please refer to the social media guide provided here.

Be A Good Person

Life isn’t easy sometimes. Often you will have to wake up earlier than anyone else in order to fuel the community. We understand that you may not always wake up on the right side of the bed. However, we expect you to treat every customer with the respect they deserve. Snapping at customers, being rude, or anything related is frowned upon by the company. We take customer complaints very seriously. Therefore we will follow this guideline if you receive multiple complaints:

  1. A one-on-one meeting with the manager — we will try our best to hear you out, but this will serve as a stiff warning.
  2. An employee will be placed on four-week probation, including weekly check-ins with management.
  3. The employee will be terminated if it is deemed that the behavior cannot be changed.

We are all about consistency at Rise + Roast, whether it be in our product or our behavior. If you are not feeling like yourself, remember that each day is only 24 hours long, and then reach out to a fellow coworker, it may help! If you cannot come to work in the right mindset, reach out to your shift manager, and accommodations can be made for a reasonable amount of requests.

Regardless of performance, every employee will have a check-in with upper management once every month. We are expecting greatness out of you. Therefore we hope you expect the same from us. We are here to work together to make this business the best that it can be.


One thing above all else that is valued by Rise + Roast is honesty. If you are having a bad day, let us know. We aren’t some corporate company that forces crazy expectations on you. We don’t expect you to tell us everything going on in your life, but we hope you show us the respect that we will show you.

If there ever comes a time where we cannot establish trust, this may be grounds for termination of the company. This will be on a case-by-case basis.

Above all, we hope that you enjoy working for Rise + Roast. We want to create a vibrant environment to work in, and that starts with you! If you ever have to question whether your actions may not be ideal, reach out, or choose another path.



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